Kimberli Cummings

Kimberli Cummings

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Kim began her love for pottery at Tampa's Clay Factory in 1991. Originally, it was to heal from a broken marriage. On her daily drive home, the clay store's sign blared the words 'Comeon and call, you know you've always wanted this!' . That was the first 'sign' that this was the right path to follow. There, she was able to to study with many local and internationally recognized potters. She learned to RAKU (in Japanese, means 'to have fun') with Robert Piepenberg, make raw, organic forms with Paul Soldner and Peter Voulkos (American Modern Masters) and paint fantastic creatures with colorful glazes by her favorite teacher;Rudy Autio (Archie Bray Foundation).

These days, Kimberli has traded her dark, brooding glazes for happier times, shown by her depiction of Florida sunsets and gardens of fruit. Her happy marriage to Bill is evident in her landscape of fish (whether swimming or broiled!), scallops and Tango Dancers. Kimberli was recently

chosen to represent Tampa as a potter on HGTV's That's Clever! 

She will demonstrate how to make her Tango Dancers dance!