Glenn Woods

Glenn Woods


Artist Glenn Woods makes his home and studio in Palm Harbor, Florida.

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II have been exploring clay and making both functional and decorative pottery since 1974. It has only been since 2001 that I have been a full time potter. I market my work through art fairs in Florida during the fall, winter and spring and focus on the Midwest states during the summer months.

The focus of my work since about 2007 has been dedicated to exploring zinc silicate crystalline glazes. These glazes work best on a clean white stoneware or porcelain clay body. Crystalline glazes produce highly reflective crystals which grow in the glaze layer during a very controlled cooling cycle, which is part of the glaze firing process.
While most of the crystalline glazes I use are glossy with large, colorful crystals, for the past year I have been experimenting with matte crystalline glazes. These matte crystalline glazes have a silky smooth surface, are visually pleasing and more appropriate for the pieces I create with carving, beading, and piercing.

Most of my work is wheel thrown and altered, carved, pierced, or beaded. I often incorporate elements of nature, such as leaves, shells, and flower-like imagery.