Keith Herbrand

Keith Herbrand

keith throwing a jar.jpg

In 2001, Keith traded his retail manager’s hat in to become a full time potter as a joint venture. Initially, his responsibilities were managing the business side of making and selling pottery for Pottery Boys Clay Studios.

Over the years, Keith became more and more involved in the creative process and evolved to more of a studio manager and assistant to the primary artist. His focus became working with slabs to make a variety of functional pieces. While he always had an interest in learning how to throw, he began using the potters’ wheel to make some of his work in early 2015 when he was challenged to create his own body of work.

Each piece I make is created with the end user in mind - I am not simply striving to create something with a pleasing form but also something whose beauty is fully realized when it is being used.

I am working to expand and develop my hand built pieces while adding a variety of wheel thrown pieces to create a cohesive body of work. I enjoy applying a variety of textures and using leaves to create some of the serving trays or as accents on some of the vessels. I glaze my work with both more traditional mid range glazes as well as high fire crystalline glazes